When I'm asked to submit a bio it usually goes like this:

Steven Weinzierl is a multi-media director and creative artist devoted to bold, visual story telling, no matter the medium. With his attention to detail and creative understanding of design, art direction, editing and live action, Weinzierl is able to cultivate content from initial concept to final production.

Weinzierl has established himself in the film and television industry by combining his knowledge of multi-media creative and live-action storytelling to create music videos, broadcast productions, digital media, narrative film, and commercial advertisements. As a multi-media director, Weinzierl has a great understanding of how creative design and visual effects can play a key role in live-action storytelling. He is always looking for fresh ways to elevate the creative. From initial creative concepts, to the final production. He loves it all.

Some of Weinzierl's recent work includes an experimental short film for Bentley, an award winning short film entitled Bear, and a car commercial for Toyota's new RAV4.